‘Certain measures’ series

A few correspondents have asked why I’m not posting the rest of this series as I promised, fortnightly.

The posts are written, but I cannot bring myself to post them.  It seems to me inappropriate to pursue disputes over something as small as a single 600-yr old manuscript when what is most needed now is a sense of immediate realities and of solidarity with everyone else on the planet.

I do understand that research helps take one’s mind off the news for a while and can relieve boredom, but the Bibliography should help with those who want to study more and there are dozens of outstanding questions yet to be addressed,  many ‘weed-seeded’ Voynich doctrines in need of re-inspection and revision. Those so inclined will find enough to do.

So – forgive me, but as things are at present, I don’t intend publishing the rest of that series until – perhaps – the last week of April.

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