Dear old wordpress.

May 13th.

Kudos to wordpress. I wrote the note below on May 6th. By today, and without a word of complaint (at least from me), WordPress has corrected the problem. Amazingly efficient of them.

It’s a relief to know I don’t have to go and re-work all the past posts. The original note below is now just an historical relic.


Note added May 6th., 2021.

During my year’s absence, wordpress seems to have made an arbitrary decision to remove the black arrow-markers which pointed to places where paragraphs of supplementary data, text or details were placed in collapsed form.

I had done this to make it easier for you, dear readers, to skim through posts and pages without going into all that extra material – the details, data, references and/or additional matter.

In place of those very helpful and easily-noticed black arrows, wordpress had now included simple, short, soft-grey lines as marks of elipsis, thus: (—-). In doing so, they use the same sort of dashes that I have used, myself, to denote partial quotations and divisions between one phase of a discussion and another.

So now – readers will have to click on any line of that sort, and it will now be hit-and-miss as to whether doing so turns up paragraphs of supplementary material or nothing at all.

Dear old wordpress.

Perhaps one of these days, if I can possibly find time, I’ll be able to put some other (non-clickable graphic) in the spots in each of the 50-plus posts where I had put a black arrow. But no promises.

Dear old wordpress.

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