Notice to the authors…

My publisher has asked me to provide certain information to the authors of another blog, and to my own readers.

Sorry about this. In a week or so I’ll make the notice into a separate page. The point is that I want to be able to continue using the results of my own work without the nuisance of being accused of plagiarising matter closely-imitating mine. My publisher has already been put to some trouble as first one and then another effort has been made to create ‘alternative versions’ for the original matter I shared online between 2009-2017. Whatever I shared in blogposts is also copyright and is also considered ‘published research’. If you didn’t know, now you know.

Comment left (June 23rd., 2022) at the blogpost whose author gives the name Katie Tucker.

Katie- Just as information you may need to know in future.
My publisher wishes me to let you know the following:

that since my work explaining the Voynich map was published before 2012, and my connecting it with Abraham Cresques’ Majorcan Atlas (also known as the Atlas Catala) was published, with illustrations and explanations over the period from 2012-2015 and. further, that my identification of the plants in the Voynich botanical section as native to the eastern maritime routes dates back as far as 2008 and – in addition – that my associating these routes with the Genoese (and thus with the Genoese ‘eye map’) was documented as it developed and was published online between 2009-2017, there is a high probability that your claim of copyright and implied moral rights from claimed originality will not stand.

About your reading of the manuscript’s written text, I have no dispute.

In my work, I’ve cited and quoted from numerous works on navigation, but have never claimed to have the necessary competencies to address the written part of the text in Beinecke MS 408.

Efforts to duplicate/replicate and create more Eurocentric ‘alternatives’ for my work began as early as 2013, when a colleague in Spain let me know that a certain ‘Voynichero’ had presented him with the conclusions of my own work, but pretended they were just an ‘idea’ which the colleague was invited to ‘explore’. That colleague, knowing my own work on the history of navigation, charts and navigational astronomy had been reading my contributions to Voynich studies and got in touch with me. Efforts at duplication and ‘re-invention’ have scarcely ceased since that time.

Tell me, is your father the same Tucker who co-authored ‘The Voynich Codex’?

I’ve been asked to notify my own readers of these things too, so a copy of this will appear at ‘Voynich revisionist’ – the blog I began after 2017, when the level of plagiarism convinced me to close ‘Voynichimagery’.

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