Voynich blogs

If you have a Voynich blog, or know someone who does, make a point of sharing the latest posts and perhaps suggest updating the list offered by forums (such as voynich.ninja’s Blogosphere).

The algorithms used by some search engines (including the one I use) have recently dropped blogs and non-commercial web-pages to a much lower priority and it is now difficult to find them, no matter how frequently or infrequently the bloggers post, or how popular they are.

Recently my search engine failed to find *any* Voynich blog, and even came up negative over several days for enormously popular blogs such as Thony Christie’s Renaissance Mathematicus blog.

And if it’s difficult to find a wordpress blog, if the blogger is with Blogger – forget it.

So now it’s up to readers to do what they can to make up for the altered priorities of the search engines.

Speaking of which – do leave me a comment with details of Voynich blogs you read because it’s looking as if that’s the only way I’ll find them tell others about them too.

I’ll make a page listing all the Voynich blogs I can find and will only discriminate by adding some mark or comment to those I think represent result of serious historical research, whether or not those results agree with mine. 🙂

PS- apparently one blogger wrote a funny short story not too long ago. Anyone know it?

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