Scholia and other peripheral notes

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  1. (Jan 11th. 2009) – Burnett quotes Simon of Genoa to the effect that “Ezledari in the second book of the Practica is explained as being ginger, but it is neither Greek nor Arabic”.  I’d suggest that the term intended was the Arabic and/or Farsi [al] jadwaar or zedwar [جدوار], describing one of the ginger family that is still known in French as  Zédoaire and in English as Zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria [Christm.] Rosc.). That is, an error of pronunciation which made of al zedwar, el-zedar and then a mistranscription of which produced Ezledar[i]

My source for the Arabic, French and Farsi terms is Gernot Katzer.

Reference to Burnett is to:

  •   Simon Burnett, ‘Simon of Genoa’s use of the Brevarium of Stephen, the Disciple of Philosophy’ in Barbara Zipser, Simon of Genoa’s Medical Lexicon (2013). pp. 67-78.

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