On a happier, if less earnest note… If  you hate academic stuff  but want to sound  cool, – Voynichwise – then so long as you have US$350 to spare, here’s a short-cut to online fame.

  1. – read Stephen Potter’s  “OneUpmanship” – even if you have to wait for days.

2 – subscribe to Princeton’s Index of Medieval Art (that’s where the $350 goes).

Only then…

3 – go online;  join in blog-comments, and forums etc. ..  remembering to practice the information given by (1)  and to pull lots of pictures from (2). If someone mentions’ fish’ or ‘hats’ – just produce a *huge* pile of fish-pictures and hat pictures.

Any time you start to feel  pressure to say something factual,  wiki articles will do fine, most of the time.

I mean, let’s not kid ourselves; how many people get excited about reading lists? 😀