Current statistics [Roylab] on Covid-19 [streaming].  Note Health-workers in Germany have said, on numerous sites,  that the rate of reported cases to deaths will appear atypical because in Germany deaths ensuing from Covid-19 are not being so described, but simply as due to pneumonia.


OVERLOOKED SOURCE for urgent medical protection and patient needs – Mining companies’ stocks.  Countries like Africa and Australia might consider this.  The Scots woke up to it first – and with mines closed down, a lot of helpful material can be released from their stocks. For this, and for their quick movement and sense of community, I commend  this Youtube video.

Italian lads’ snorkel ventillator –  (begins at 5:25)



My personal choice – for their combination of respect for their audience and a sense of priorities-

Address by a political leader: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Ireland (March 17th., 2020)

Sense of community and rapid action in England – the Nightingale hospitals

Love the Irish and British automatic reaction of ‘What can I do to help’ – should be global motto.

comment seen on a chat-stream, ‘Politicians should realise that in this situation, he who seeks to save his political life will lose it.’


The Covid-19 lockdown theme: ‘One Day More’ (the original). Courtesy of The Guardian and youtube.



Dr. John Campbell England  – has made a series of videos uniting the latest scientific information with very practical information meant for real people, day by day.


See especially

DR. JOHN CAMPBELL – THE TRUTH ABOUT CORONAVIRUS: How To Survive The COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Interview – London Real special edition. 27 Mar 2020.
and see Full podcast.


Important French Announcement – 16th March 2020

The following list of Dr. Campbell’s videos (click the black arrow).  I add them  to be helpful now and as a guide for later studies of this time, to show how scientific knowledge advanced almost as rapidly as the disease itself spread, day by day.

Videos posted by Dr. John Campbell (most recent at the top). A broadcast’s date may differ from youtube’s posting date by a day or so. I’m not sure the list is complete – the videos tend to disperse over time.


29th March 2020 [Covid-19] Update Saturday 28th March

28th March 2020 [Covid-19] Update Friday 27th March

25 Mar 2020 Loss of smell and first UK ICU patients

20th. March 2020 Reducing fever, Part 2

18th. March 2020 Reducing fever [Part1], good or bad?

16th. March 2020 Sunday International aspects

16th March 2020 Important French Announcement

14th March 2020 [Covid-19 data] Contradictions

13th March 2020 **Vital Global Information** (Please watch – D)

11th March 2020 Clinical features of infection

10th March 2020  Vitamin D and immunity.

5th March 2020, COVID-19 Mutation and Evolution

5th March 2020. COVID-19 Immunity and social distancing

3nd March COVID-19 Monday 2nd March

2nd March 2020 Global isolation and containment

1 March 2020. Live chat with John, steamed live

29th Feb.2020 COVID-19 (posted 1st March).

28th. Feb. 2020. Q and A with self isolation

26th. Feb. 2020 [Covid-19] Contagion more rapid than thought

26th. Feb, 2020 Infection, Immunity and epidemiology

23rd Feb. 2020 Oxygen in the blood

22 Feb, 2020, Live Chat with John, Saturday, 19.00 UK time

20th.Feb.2020 Droplet v Airborne Transmission

20th.Feb. 2020  COVID-19. 19th.Feb. (Chinese retrospective paper and statistics)

18th. Feb. 2020 COVID-19 Update.

18th. Feb 2020 COVOD 19, Viral infections and update Feb.17th.

18th. Feb. 2020 COVID 19, Mums and Babies

17th. Feb 2020 COVID-19 Infections in infants may be rare and mild

15th. Feb. 2020 Covid 19 Case numbers

14th Feb. 2020 Protect self and family

13th. Feb. 2020   [Covid-19] Definitions 

12th. Feb. 2020 COVID 19

9th.Feb.2020 Good afternoon

9th. Feb.2020 Short Q and A.

6th.Feb. 2020. Healthy Economical Eating 1, Broccoli soup

6th.Feb. 2020 (Dr. Campell’s Teaching video 11)

5th. Feb. 2020 Teaching video 9 [Progress of symptoms and morbidity in Covid-19], Data from China and US.

3rd Feb. 2020 Coronavirus threat interview [skyped] with Dr. John Campbell

3rd Feb. 2020. Wuhan virus compared to MERS and SARS

27 January 2020 Coronavirus

2 Oct 2019 First live chat with John




Honour in reportage.

Fang Bin (China) – who after filming conditions in a Wuhan hospital, was arrested and then died, apparently of covid-19 infection.

Chen Qiushi (China) – who has disappeared – also after reporting as a citizen journalist.

Captain Brett Crozier (USA) – fired because his determination to get medical assistance as a Covid-19 wave began on his ship led to a letter “copied to too many people”.

Dictators often resort to public punishment when an individual shows more character and care for the people than their own political aims allow.

On the other hand, here’s an intelligent response to people for whom individual choice is more important than community health.

Governor Gavin Newsome (California). 20th. March 2020 Nice balance of care and power. Understands that knowledge can address both panic and indifference.

And here’s the real Australia – the people our wannabe AMurican political elites never let you see and most seem not to know exists. (warning – contains honest, intelligent and compassionate language).  And for a straight-talking Australian doctor see here.

The mess-age of politicians – a sample of the party-serving and lobby-serving misinformation issued by politicians.  Here refuted by an American physician.

Why you can trust  epidemiologists (specialists in epidemic medicine) to know what they’re talking about in 2020. They’ve been up with the science, including predictions of spread, for years.  Here’s a lecture which Peter Piot delivered fully two years ago:

Are we ready for the next pandemic?


While it should be stressed that the primary means of infection is person-to-person, not person-object-person, it’s worth acting to eliminate lower-level risks too.

An American physician’s advice on how to reduce risk of infection during grocery shopping, and when bringing groceries indoors.  Latest data, though, indicates virus persists

on Copper for 4hrs; on cardboard  for 24hrs; on stainless steel and plastic for 72h.  Painted surfaces, such as those on ships which are coated with oil-based paint, *may* last as long as 17 days – that data is not secure.  However, remember to wipe down painted surfaces in your home, as well as door-knobs, light-switches and buttons on microwaves and toilet. Whatever is most often touched is most often dangerous – that’s the basic biochem rule.


this post last edited March 29th., 2020

‘Certain measures’ series

A few correspondents have asked why I’m not posting the rest of this series as I promised, fortnightly.

The posts are written, but I cannot bring myself to post them.  It seems to me inappropriate to pursue disputes over something as small as a single 600-yr old manuscript when what is most needed now is a sense of immediate realities and of solidarity with everyone else on the planet.

I do understand that research helps take one’s mind off the news for a while and can relieve boredom, but the Bibliography should help with those who want to study more and there are dozens of outstanding questions yet to be addressed,  many ‘weed-seeded’ Voynich doctrines in need of re-inspection and revision. Those so inclined will find enough to do.

So – forgive me, but as things are at present, I don’t intend publishing the rest of that series until – perhaps – the last week of April.